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Check out the following variety of worthwhile causes (including animals, habitats, people and so much more to come) that you have a chance to participate in.....Pick one! :)

If you know of a worthwhile cause, not already  listed here, please email the cause to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    Thanks!  New options being added as they are discovered and shared....

The Cat Casita is located about a block north of the traffic light at the intersection of Hwy. 9 and Hwy. 285.  We're downstairs from Chow Down, Fairplay's healthy pet food/supply store.  Call "719-836-4909" for directions.  We really need volunteers to help with morning cleaning and feeding, which takes about an hour.  As you know, cats like squeaky clean living quarters, and we want to keep it that way for them.  We also need volunteers to just hang out with the cats, socialize with them, and give them lots of TLC.  We've included two chairs so you can relax, read a book, and enjoy the warmth of a cat (or two) on your lap!  If you can help, please call Renee Ryan on her cell at "720-979-9310" for more information.  You may also sign up online at by clicking on the Volunteer Calendar for Cat Casita, found on the menu bar at the left side of the page.


Donors Choose
A Fantastic and very simple way of helping either your local school or any other school in need across the country.  You only pay whatever amount works for you.  It is a team effort!  Great concept!  If your school is not already listed here, tell them about it!  Simply click on the link.  Click on "View Projects"  Then you can either type in the school or city and state of your choice in the "Key Word" section or you can browse through all the schools and choose one.  Great way to help out the kids in their school classrooms....especially since its tough for many schools struggling right now!

Heifer International:  
1-800-422-0474  A non-profit organization working to end hunger and poverty while caring for the earth.  Heifer provides animals and training to help impoverished families become more self-reliant.  Since 1944, Heifer has helped 8.5 million families in more that 125 countries.  Each recipient agrees to "pass on the gift" of one or more of their animals to another family in need, creating an ever-widening circle of hope.

Environmental Defense Fund: "Finding the ways that work"
1-800-684-3322  This organization has more Ph.D. scientists on staff than any similar group and the evidence is irrefutable.  As one of the global warning policy specialists put it, "The earth is round, Elvis is dead, and yes, climate change is happening.  There is a sea of evidence pointing to the reality of global warming...It's time to face the facts and move on to a plan of action."


Oxfam America - Working together to end poverty and injustice:
1-800-77-OXFAMAn international relief and development organization that creates lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and in justice.  Together with individuals and local groups in over 100 countries, Oxfam saves lives, helps people overcome poverty, and fights for social justice.
"Go to the people.
Live with them.
Learn from them....
Start with what they know:
Build with what they have.
But with the best leaders,
When the work is done,
The task accomplished,
The people will say,
We have done this ourselves!"

No child should be forgotten at Christmas: 
http://www.angeltree.org/angeltree-home  Angel Tree is a ministry that reaches out to the children of inmates and their families with the love of Christ. It seeks to transform the lives of these families and to reconcile them to their Heavenly Father and each other.

The Jane Goodall Institute:  1-800-592-JANE
www.janegoodall.org  "Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference."  A global nonprofit that empowers people to make a difference for all living things.  Specifically, we seek to:
~ Improve global understanding and treatment of great apes through research, public education and advocacy
~ Contribute to the preservation of great apes and their habitats by combining conservation with education and promotion of sustainable livelihoods in local communities
~ Create a worldwide network of young people who have learned to care deeply for their human community, for all animals and for the environment, and who will take responsible action to care for them

Best Friends Animal Society:

http://www.bestfriends.org/   #1-435-644-2001 ext. 4801
Sponsor one animal, touch one life.  It might just change the world. 
It will certainly change the world for an animal (or more) here at Best Friends.  


http://www.wildaid.org/index.asp?CID=1  #415-834-3174 

WildAid's mission is to end the illegal wildlife trade within our lifetimes.
It uniquely focuses on raising awareness to reduce the demand for
threatened and endangered species products and to increase public
support for wildlife conservation. WildAid is headquartered in San Francisco
with representation in China, India, Galapagos, London and Canada.  We
are also revolutionary in our funding - Our overhead is funded by donations
from foundations and direct donations from individuals so that all on-line
donations can go 100% into programs.  The main belief that this
organization stands behind is the belief that if we can eliminate the
demand for products that harm endangered species, that we can save
species by doing so. And they're right! The first step is to help make
everyone aware of exactly how their choices affect the animals that are
becoming or already are endangered.


The Rock Foundation:
http://www.djrockfoundation.org/  #323-951-9839
Our mission is to educate, empower and motivate children worldwide
through health education and physical fitness. Our staff and board of
directors, comprised of experienced philanthropists and entertainment
professionals, believe in the potential of children and the importance
of a nurturing, positive and supportive environment for them to
learn, grow and realize the power of accomplishments.

Denver Rescue Mission:
During the year, the Denver Rescue Mission provides shelter,
food, clothing, education, Christian teaching, and work
discipline to meet individuals at their physical and spiritual
points of need.  The five-phase New Life Program, lasting
from 7 to 27 months is offered at The Crossing,
Champa House and Harvest Farm. Participants pursue
career goals, spiritual and personal growth, and educational
objectives. On-site Literacy and Education Centers (LEC)
"educate people for life" with academic education,
vocational studies, and life skill courses such as anger
management and personal finance. Family Services, provides
permanent housing, transitional housing, and mentoring
for homeless, working families, seniors, and refugee families.

Greater Yellowstone Coalition:
www.greateryellowstone.org  "Protecting the land you love." 

Purchase a uniquely made purse while you also support a maternity
center and a school in the Haitian capitol of Port-au-Prince that gives
women a chance at a better life.  Purses made by these young women
in Haiti, are shipped to America and sold in stores and online.  50% of
the proceeds of the sales goes back to the women; the other 50% is
used to fund support for the ministry, which includes a maternity ward
for the Haitan ladies.  Women graduating from the program are learning
a skill and gives them the ability to find work.  For more information you
can go to 


"A Hand Up - Not A Handout":
We are a 501 (c) 3 organization located in Hartsel.  We have a local Food
Bank and are involved in many community activities.  We also assist other
food banks and other community organizations.  Feel free to call or write for
information on participating in any of our activities.  Our Mailing address
is: P. O.  Box  42 Hartsel, CO  80449  Phone - 970/389-4303



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